Comedian. Writer. Very Good Actor.


Left Breast Comedy Hour! is back at the Knitting Factory
2nd Friday of every month!
Recommended by New York Times, TimeOut, and theskint
Watch lockdown solo show “Half-Baked Alaskan”
online at the Brighton Fringe Festival!
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Unstoppable as the moose that once attacked her childhood home in Alaska, Sally Ann Hall goes hard, often rude and always entertaining at a wide variety of subjects – with a bit of musical comedy cameos during her stand-up and comedy storytelling. And that’s only a surface summary… Filthy, feminist (oh, keep reading), fierce and free roaming – “Half Baked” might be the title claim, but there’s not a moment of evidence here that Sally Ann Hall hasn’t cooked up a brill show already. If, as she promises, it’ll be “fully baked” (presumably that means “even better”) by the time it hits the live stages come Eddy Fringe time…. again, the word “unstoppable” springs to mind… “Funny Sally Ann”, as her website is called, is correct and still not doing her justice.

– Chuck Moore, May 30, 2021